Galaxy Industries – A Leading Manufacturer of Zinc Oxide through French Process

We at Galaxy Industries, have a decade old experience in manufacturing ZINC OXIDE – WHITE SEAL GRADE. We are one of the leading brands in Zinc Oxide production in India. With our able entrepreneurial management skills and strong industrial experience, we use the most advanced manufacturing technology for the production of Zinc Oxide through French Process. We mainly produce Zinc Oxide for tire, ceramics, paint, agriculture, and rubber industry. We have developed our primary competence in the field of buying and selling Zinc Oxide, Zinc Dross, and Zinc ashes respectively.

Our quality department leaves no stone unturned in assuring high quality at different stages of manufacturing. We constantly upgrade our technology through deep research to keep up with the changing global market. We claim to have world-class infrastructure facilities by virtue of our advanced technology and well-equipped laboratories, and skilled manpower to manufacture zinc oxide.

Manufacturing Process

Our workforce has been involved in the production of ZINC OXIDE – WHITE SEAL GRADE by using French process or Indirect manufacturing process. In the indirect or French process, metallic zinc is melted in a graphite crucible and vaporized at temperatures around 900-1000 °C.  Zinc vapor reacts with the oxygen in the air to give ZnO.  Zinc oxide particles are transported into a cooling duct and collected in a bag house. This indirect method was popularized by LeClaire (France) in 1844 and therefore is commonly known as the French process. Most of the world’s zinc oxide is manufactured via French process.

Quality Assurance

Being an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited Company, GALAXY INDUSTRIES, is catering to the requirements of a variety of quality conscious customers in the field of tyres, rubber products, ceramics and phosphating chemicals.

Keeping abreast with technological developments across the Zinc industry, we add new products thereby reaping benefits through both technology and applied research. Galaxy Industries has a well-equipped Laboratory managed by skilled and trained personnel to ensure a consistently superior product. Detailed Testing is carried out on raw materials, in process and finished goods. With a rich blend of both self-developed and acquired knowhow, our quality assurance lab setup is equipped with the latest analytical and physical testing equipments like:

  •  Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  •  Surface Area Analyzer
  •  Digital Weighing Balance
  •  pH Meter 
  •  Conductivity Meter
  •  Hot Air Oven for Volatile matter.
  •  Muffle Furnace for ash content.
  •  Sieve Apparatus


Manufacturing Facility

Our French Process Zinc Oxide manufacturing unit located at Samba (Jammu & Kashmir) delivers high quality ZINC OXIDE – WHITE SEAL GRADE. Setup in 2010, the installed capacity of the unit is 5000 mt/annum. The unit enjoys locational advantage by being close to the major rubber goods production centers at Ludhiana and Jalandhar as well as the NCR region.

Our approved Zinc recycling facility leverages efficient manufacturing setup that offers a strong competence of optimizing Zinc recovery from secondary material. Our workforce comprises of Zinc industry experts, management professionals and dedicated workers.