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Agro Fertilizers & Animal Feed

Zinc Oxide and Zinc derived chemicals are used as micronutrient fertilizers in agricultural crop production. The use of Zinc as livestock feed is recommended for immunity and growth promoting enzymes in animal nutrition and reproduction.

Paints & Lubricants

Zinc rich paints contain a high level of zinc metal pigments which act as anti-corrosion protection. It primarily is used as a key antioxidant additive in paints and specialized lubricants which help in increasing the lubricating capability of the oils.

Plastic & Rubber Compounds

Zinc is used as reinforcing agent which can be easily incorporated in plastics and rubber to protect from harmful UV rays. Zinc provides sufficient heat resistance and antimicrobial properties to various types of rubber, latex and plastics compounds for outdoor applications in

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Galaxy Industries – a leading Zinc Oxide manufacturer in India. Over the past decade, Galaxy Industries has been able to create a niche for itself within the Zinc Sector for its product quality, stable manufacturing processes, high level of production efficiency, technical standards, reliability, and service.
We continue to make significant investments year on year and strive to meet the current and future market needs, environmental standards, and technical advancements. Being an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited company, GALAXY INDUSTRIES, is catering to the requirements of a variety of quality conscious customers in the field of tires, rubber products, ceramics, sanitaryware, phosphating chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.


We are very old vendors of Galaxyzinc company and they have always given us the best service and quality products while every purchase we made for Agriculture & Animal feeds and cleaning or lubricating ,Glass & Ceramics and many more.
Gaurav Sharma
Since many years we are associated with Galaxy zinc the best part is their quality product & global network for various products like Tires & Rubbers and Cosmetics or Plastics.
Mukesh Rana
Sales Manager
A fantastic group of people focused on manufacturing a highly pure and consistent product while maintaining the highest level of health and safety for its employees. A great place for business!
Anil Bansal
Product Manager

Our Products

Chemicals or cosmetics

Zinc oxide used as a color additive in drugs and cosmetics and as a sunscreen and skin protectant active ingredient and has stated that zinc oxide may be safely used in cosmetics, it also used in over-the-counter skin protects at concentrations up to 25 percent, and in sunscreen drug products at concentrations up to 25 percent.

Agriculture & Animal feeds

Zinc oxide is a powder with 72/75% of zinc content is used as a source of zinc for livestock. It is included in the animal feed, mostly via a premix with other trace elements. Zinc oxide also produced by a reduction-oxidation process, followed by a special treatment resulting in a high quality zinc oxide. W-78 has a low level of impurity, which makes its use appropriate in most agricultural applications.

Paints, Lubricant & Greases

The Zinc Oxide offered by us is used in Zinc Oxide for Grease and enables in the manufacture of zinc dithiophosphates, specialized lubricants and grease formulations. It is highly efficient in reducing the oxidation, corrosion and wear in automotive engine oils. Over the years, our qualitative range has claimed the choice of our clients worldwide and also finds high temperature or high-pressure applications in preparation of greases.

Plastics, Chemicals, Glass & Ceramics

Aids in protecting rubber and plastics (especially outdoor weathering polypropylenes) from harmful UV rays and Imparts heat resistance properties to various types of rubber and plastics compounds. Zinc oxide used to manufacture glazes and acts as an opacifier or whitener. Its low coefficient of thermal expansion improves resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, most notably in glass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is used as an activator, bulking agent or filler or as a white pigment in various industries such as rubber, ceramics, chemicals, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics & personal care.

Rubber, Ceramics, and Chemical industries are the top three consumers of zinc oxide. The rubber industry is the largest consumer of zinc oxide as it used as an activator during the vulcanization of rubber. Zinc oxide adds properties to rubber-like heat resistant and protects against UV degradation.

Large scale and growing demand from the rubber industry for the vulcanization of rubber and production of tires are driving the growth of the market. Additionally, the lack of availability of alternate material to be used in critical applications is also influencing the growth of the market.

The slowdown in the automotive industry which is the largest consumer of rubber in the form of tires has hampered the growth of the market to some extent. Apart from that price fluctuation of zinc is also a factor because zinc is traded as a commodity throughout the world and its cost is affected by availability and use.

Growing demand for nanoparticles will create opportunities for manufacturers. Zinc oxide nanoparticles are easy to fabricate no adverse impact on the environment and have nontoxic synthesis route which makes it suitable for various biological applications.

Zinc oxide is mainly produced by three types of processes that are direct (American process), indirect (French process) and wet chemical process. All three processes have different raw materials and purity levels. French process majorly used around the world for the production of zinc oxide.

Zinc oxide produced is marketed in different grades around the world. Major grades of zinc oxide available in the market are standard, treated, FCC and USP. Every grade differs on the basis of surface area, particle size and heavy metal content in the composition.

Some of the key manufacturers of zinc oxide are US Zinc (US), Zochem (US), EverZinc (Belgium), ZM Silesia SA (Poland), LANXESS (Germany) and Akrochem Corporation (South Africa).

The zinc oxide industry is fragmented as there are various small, medium and large producers around the world.